Our Philosophy & Integrity

Sheawa, Bath & Body Patisserie, is a Natural and Handcrafted skin care product line, created with the notions of rekindling the romance in bathing and nourishing your skin. Our products are made with some of the most refined, natural, and active ingredients that will help to eliminate the impurities in your pores; but more importantly, to nourish, treat, and rejuvenate your skin.

We are a family business based in New York, USA,  and a company that is focused mainly on the quality and craftsmanship of producing a more reliable skin care line, that the entire family can appreciate.

Using our very own imported Shea Butter from West Africa as the base of our products has given us the reassurance we needed to grow a brand that is rich in values and transparent with our ingredients. Our main objective is to develop one essential  key product at a time, which gives us enough room to create a complete recipe with the most favorable ingredients needed to treat your skin.
  Our products are a reflection of who we are as a family, and we thank you for the connection you have made with us, and with our products.

~Get to know your ingredients better~

Aloe Vera

Rich of nutrient properties makes Aloe Vera a great ingredient for treating the skin. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it perfect to applying in treating the ailment of skin. Moreover, if it is applied on dry skin, the content of it allows the tissue regeneration of skin to promote the circulation of blood. Aloe Vera contains saponin nutrient believed to kill germs. Mineral element inside Aloe Vera functions as naturally antioxidant such as zinc, vitamin E and vitamin C.